At Service Centre, we always have available a wide range of laundry machines from all the major manufacturers, and we provide a comprehensive delivery and installation service.

Washing machines

When looking for a good quality washing machine, things to look out for are load capacity in kg, and spin speed measured in RPM (rotations per minute). These will tell you how much laundry your machine will take and how fast it will spin. Machines with a high RPM will shake off excess water, reducing your laundry’s drying time and making the ironing easier.

Tumble dryers

Tumble dryers have a choice between vented, where the moist air is expelled through a hose, and usually has to be vented out of the room, and condenser, which as the name suggests, condenses the steam back into water, which is collected in a container in the machine. Dryers are also available in a choice of load sizes.

Washer dryers

If space is a problem why not consider a washer dryer, which combines all the washing, spinning and drying functions in one machine.


At Service Centre, we also supply a range of built-in laundry machines, and we can provide a complete fitting service, so we take care of everything.